Take it to the Corner

All Weekend

Whatever else you see while watching Sunday League football, or Algeria v Senegal in the African Cup of Nations final, you will definitely notice the corner flags. They have been an essential part of the material culture of football, from the grassroots to the professional game for over a hundred years.

Take it to the Corner, embeds the sounds of grassroots football in ours. To listen to the sound of matches on local parks, parish recreation grounds and village greens is to listen to a rich sounding culture. Lean in to hear the rituals of marking out the pitch, cutting the grass, and fixing nets to goalposts. Then the distinctive on-pitch communication - get rid!, stick it in the mixer, man on, put him under; the whistle; the struck crack of the crossbar; studs brushing the grass, slicing through the turf.

Paul Whitty 

Design and Production: Grace Crannis
Sound Recording: Paul Whitty with support from the Sound Diaries project at Oxford Brookes University www.sound-diaries.co.uk
with generous support from the Tate Exchange