Watching Grassroots Grow

Saturday 12:30pm-1:30pm
The Commentary Box

The football grassroots is alive and kicking despite everything it’s up against - lack of funding and facilities, the obsession with top-flight football and struggles with social issues. We’ll discuss the revival of grassroots football and the communities that are tirelessly working to overcome these challenges, as well as how grassroots is key in changing the industry from the bottom up. Hear stories and insights from the examples of Dulwich Hamlet, Corinthian-Casuals, Hackney Laces, Romance FC and from across the country. The panel, chaired by Ro Jackson (Slowe), comprises of Dom Bliss (Corinthian-Casuals), Trisha Lewis (Romance FC) , Katee Hui (Hackney Laces), Paul Kirton (Team Grassroots) and Jack Pitt-Brooke (Dulwich Hamlet).